Sony SmartWatch 2

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A typical smartphone user reaches for their phone more than 100 times a day to read messages, check the time, view and make social media updates, use their favourite apps, take photos and play music.

Sony SmartWatch 2 is designed to address this need by offering a convenient touch screen device that removes the need to remove your phone from your pocket or bag.It’s a second screen, extending existing phone functionality by using NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. Use it as a multi-functional watch, notifications, Android app interface and phone remote control, all-in-one. The second screen approach offers many new benefits by tuning SmartWatch 2 into both an always-on standalone smartwatch, and an extension for an ecosystem of optimised apps in everyday situations. For instance, you can check text messages, social media notifications or even track your fitness and performances you run – all from your wrist.

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