A Look to Die For

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The hit US TV show, The Walking Dead, brought to us by AMC, will be making it’s come back via a special premier at Madison Square Garden on October 11th at 9pm followed by ‘The Talking Dead’.

With the return of series 6 of The Walking Dead quickly approaching it’s quite natural for us to imagine what would we do if a ‘walker’-apocalypse was to happen now…more importantly, what would we wear? The winter in The Walking Dead is always expertly skirted over so we only usually get to see the gang running around in sleeveless tops covered in sweat. So what would we wear during the winter? Read on to get the best tips on which shops you should raid first and for what, for a look to die for…

The Walking Winter Coat


Many things may change during a zombie apocalypse but the need for a good winter coat doesn’t. This coat offers you everything you could possibly need to stay alive during those cold winter months, to protect yourself and look good all at the same time. River Island’s Black leather-look faux fur trench coat fits to your body offering you warmth and style. There’s no long flowing parts or a hood for a Walker to grab hold of when you’re trying to make an escape but there are big, useful pockets to store a handy weapon…or your purse whatever’s more important. If you want to grab one now, in preparation for an oncoming apocalypse, follow the link here:–jackets/trench-coats/black-leather-look-faux-fur-trench-coat-669725

Beth’s Boots



*Spoiler Alert!* Despite the unfortunate and shocking demise of Beth Greene, she did do a pretty good job of surviving for as long as she did. What was the secret to her somewhat impressive success? Maybe it was a decent pair of boots. No-one can do with running for their lives from Walkers with blisters. It just wouldn’t do. These boots from Dorothy Perkins are perfect for all your ‘running for your life’ needs. Firstly they’re flat, so not a high heel in sight, you’ll be glad to hear and they’re long as surely there’s nothing worse than running through a puddle and your feet getting soaked. You’d possibly get these boots for free during an apocalypse but right now they’re still only £39.

The Survival Set



The part that no-one can usually see is actually one of the most important parts of a look to die for during an apocalypse- the underwear. If you had to spend the rest of your days in a push up bra and thong, you would be very miserable indeed. This set offers comfort, protection whilst making you look really good. Also, on the plus side, neither the bra or briefs are white so if you do per chance happen to get caught by a Walker at the wrong time, the blood wont show up so bad…,R144971362015010